Reflow Demo Station

Get up and running quickly with Reflow using our pre-built demo station. Reflow has been added and configured along with mock equipment, floor plans, histories, schedules, and control logic.

Make sure to download & install Reflow before running this station

Demo Station Installation Instructions

  1. Download and install Reflow in Niagara 4.6 or later – see the Reflow product page for more details and download links
  2. Download and extract the Demo Station zip file. Copy the extracted station folder in to your Workbench User Home\stations folder. For most installations, this is typically found at C:\Users\USER_NAME\Niagara4.x\stations.
    If you're having trouble finding your Workbench User Home folder, you can go to your Niagara directory typically found at C:\Niagara\Niagara 4.x.x\ and click on the "Workbench User Home" shortcut.
  3. Launch Workbench and connect to your local Platform, then open the Station Copier tool
  4. Select the demo station named ReflowDemo in your local stations folder and move it to your host stations folder. If prompted for a pass phrase, use R3flow@nmods
  5. Open the Application Director in your Platform in order to select and start the demo station
  6. You can login to your new station with these credentials:
    Username: reflow
    Password: R3flow@nmods

More resources

Check out the Resources section of the Reflow product page for more links to help you get started including How-To Videos, Product Documentation, and more.

If you have any questions, reach out to us – we'd be happy to chat and provide more details on Reflow.

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