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July 3, 2024


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What's New

Reflow Version 1.7.5

This release includes minor feature updates and bug fixes.


  • Specific schedules can now be ignored by Reflow by adding the r:ignore tag (slot) to the schedule component in Niagara
  • Special support has been added for Trend IQVISION schedule components. To enable special support, enable the option in Settings > Additional Options. Note, enabling this option on non-IQVISION stations will result in errors


  • Improved performance in the History Picker used in the Reflow Config for choosing histories in dashboard cards, building histories, and featured histories
  • Custom Y-axes are now remembered when using a deep link URL to open a chart with a custom Y-axis

Floor Plans

  • Improved performance of selection and multi-selection which will cause less lag and free up browser resources, especially on floor plans with large numbers of elements


  • Point Cards on device graphic pages now support actions that accept baja:Time and baja:RelTime arguments

Bug Fixes

  • Histories
    • Choosing more than 10 histories for a chart no longer causes custom colors to change unexpectedly during configuration
    • Exporting CSV data from a chart now properly sorts rows by date
    • Histories assigned to Buildings via Niagara History Groups were now properly display the building name in history lists
  • Alarms
    • Clicking on an alarm source on pages other than the first page now properly routes to the correct alarm records page
    • Restricting alarm classes in User Profiles now ignore the classes when getting Alarm Records and Alarm Sources
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Alarm Sources list to show incorrect numbers for Acknowledged/Unacknowledged records
  • Equipment
    • Room names derived from slots on the device component now show in the Equipment Index Page and on Equipment Type Summary tables
    • On device graphic pages, actions no longer appear in dropdowns if there is a permission error accessing the Niagara component
  • Buildings
    • The Floor Plan State picker now adheres to access settings in User Profiles
    • Spacing between small Building Map popovers used in Building Dashboard Cards for buildings with long names and alarm counts has been adjusted to prevent content overflow
    • Long building names no longer cause the Building Map popovers to misalign
    • Dynamic colors based on point status in the Floorplan Editor now match the Reflow documentation
  • Misc
    • Niagara 4.13 introduces addition style definitions that globally override parts of Reflow's style definitions, causing parts of the UI to hide unexpectedly; the Reflow definitions have been renamed to circumvent this
    • Fixed an issue that could cause CSV files to be incorrectly formatted when opened in Microsoft Excel
    • Fixed an issue in 4.13 where you couldn't export anything in Safari

Reflow 1.7.4 - 02/20/2024

This release includes minor feature updates and bug fixes.

Reflow [Hotfix] - 02/20/2024
The Reflow module JAR files code signing has been updated to work properly with Honeywell Optimizer Advanced controllers.

Feature Updates

  • 'Last 12 Months' has been added to the time range options dropdowns
  • Equipment
    • Render performance of device pages with large Points Templates has been dramatically improved
    • Render performance of the Equipment Index page has been improved
    • Device names in Refelow now default to the displayName property of the selected Niagara component and fallback to the name property when no displayName is set

Bug Fixes

  • Dashboard Cards
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a browser crash on Equipment Summary cards with large amounts of devices
  • Equipment
    • Devices with non-template points that do not exist in Niagara will no longer missing from the Equipment Index and summary screens
    • Niagara 4 subscriptions now properly unsubscribe on device pages, reducing station resource usage
    • The Hide on Index Page toggle now properly works and also will no longer hide equipment in equipment groups
    • Fixed an issue that would cause summary views for equipment to not show in rare circumstances
    • Switching to a Custom Summary View on equipment will now properly update the URL in the browser address bar
    • Custom Summary Views now work with the Copy ORD button in the Reflow Config View
    • Fixed alignment of compact cards that do not have actions or histories
    • Fixed an issue where subscriptions set Use Niagara Slot for Room Name would appear stale
  • Histories
    • When comparing histories the comparison data better matches the exact time frame of the original data
    • Positive and negative infinity values no longer prevent charts from displaying data and are instead plotted as blank values
    • History Source names are now decoded and will display properly when they have special characters
    • Exporting enum or boolean data as a png will now properly place labels on the bars
  • Alarms
    • Multi-lined alarm sources were not showing correctly. This was caused by having alarms originate at the Jace and then pulling them up to the Supervisor. Reflow now properly pulls and displays these alarms
    • Fixed an issue where alarm records and sources were not paging correctly
  • Virtual Points
    • Fixed an issue where virtual points were not able to be mapped on certain BACnet configurations
  • Misc
    • Fixed an issue where a save file migration would fail if you were upgrading Reflow from before version 1.6.2 to a current release
    • Hyperlinks in Niagara views embedded in Reflow popup windows that link to the Reflow ORD scheme will now close the popup window when opened
    • Fixed an issue where Reflow could crash if the station did not contain any schedules

Reflow 1.7.3 - 11/21/2023

This release includes minor feature updates and bug fixes.

Reflow [Hotfix] - 11/21/2023

  • Fixes a performance issue with the Buildings Map when alarms are displayed in cards or used as marker colors
  • Fixes an issue where building maps could cause web browsers to become unresponsive when zooming into groups
  • Dropdown nav items will no longer hide behind content when used in Sub Navigations
  • Down arrows will no longer appear on device graphic point cards when linked points have no histories and no action slots

Config View

  • A saving indicator now appears at the top right, next to the 'Copy Ord' button, when Reflow is actively saving and writing configuration data back to the station
  • If you attempt to navigate away from the Config View or refresh the page while Reflow is actively saving data back to the station, your browser will now prompt you to confirm navigating away before the save finishes

Dashboard Cards

  • History Chart and Sparkline Cards - A new option can now be linked to a specific building's Histories page.
  • Device Summary Card - can now be set to use building specific equipment hyperlinks instead of just global equipment page links


  • Performance for the Building Index Page has been greatly improved, especially for sites with large equipment counts


  • Point Identifier Matching
    • A new Point Matching Property has been added to Equipment Type Points Templates. This option controls how Reflow will match points to their point identifiers in the template. Options include:
      • Name - Default; matches points by their name property only (consistent with previous version of Reflow)
      • Display Name - matches points by their displayName property instead of name. If a point doesn't have a display name, it will fall back to using the name instead
      • Name or Display Name - will checks the name followed by the displayName property to see if it matches the identifier
    • The matching behavior will now use the first point that matches a point identifier instead the last point
  • Point Identifier Substrings
    • Niagara Name Point Identifiers in Points Templates now support "substrings"
    • Simply add an asterisk * in your Point Identifier and you will be able to specify a token to replace the * with when adding or remapping devices
  • Device Remapping
    • A configuration backup will now created automatically before a remap begins
    • Lock Remaps
      • Remapping can now be locked on a per device basis; this allows you to protect any points you may have manually added from being accidentally overwritten. Turning this feature on will disabled remapping until it is toggled off. This option can be found in Equipment > Equipment Type > Device > Lock Remap
      • Remapping can also be locked for all devices under an Equipment Type usin under Equipment Type > Equipment Type Settings > Lock Remap

  • Global commands from the VYKON Pro modules are now treated as points by Reflow which allow them to be used in many areas, most notably in Points Templates. Support includes the GlobalNumericWritableCommand, GlobalEnumWritableCommand, GlobalBooleanWritableCommand, and GlobalStringWritableCommand components
  • Pluralization for Equipment Types can now be toggled off globally under Equipment > Graphics Settings > Additional Options > Disable All Pluralization

User Profiles

  • The component used to select Access Restrictions for Profiles has been updated
    • This significantly increases performance on large and small sites
    • Holding alt + left click will check or uncheck the selected route and all child routes beneath
  • Profile data has been updated to reduce its size in configuration files


  • Performance while fetching History Data has been greatly improved


  • Greatly improved performance throughout the application while fetching alarms data

Bug Fixes

  • Equipment
    • Adding a new Equipment Group will no longer lock up the page when there are hundreds or thousands of devices in an Equipment Type
    • Fixed an issue where grids in Equipment Summary pages were refreshing more often than they needed to causing slowdown and performance issues
    • The Equipment Type 'Pluralize Name' feature now works properly in breadcrumbs on history pages
    • Export to CSV for equipment grids and tables will now export devices that have missing/unavailable ORDs
    • The Equipment Type option to Hide on Index Page is no longer ignored in certain cases
    • Fixed an issue where changing the equipment a device serves was not being saved
  • Histories
    • Fixed an issue where certain Locales did not parse number values correctly
    • History Group Filters now display decoded names when only one is picked
    • Adding histories to Buildings by selecting a Source will now properly show the Building name in the global history list
    • Charts with more than 12 histories assigned will now plot correctly; the first color option will be used for any history plotted after the first 12
  • Dashboards
    • Building Map dashboard cards now properly show dynamic marker colors for alarms
    • Sparkline cards now display the proper time for 'Last Value Time' when the 'Station Time Zone' option in Settings > Additional Options is disabled
    • Gauge and Circle dashboard cards now enforce strict point types (numeric only) when you switch to them from another card type, preventing incorrect values from being displayed
    • Fixed an issue where virtual points were not selectable in the Gauge card configuration
  • Buildings
    • Tooltips on interface elements directly below a sub navigation bar no longer appear behind the bar
    • Building Map icons will now immediately check alarm status when applicable
  • Misc
    • Third party dependencies have been updated to include the latest security patches and performance improvements

Reflow 1.7.2 - 06/20/2023

This release includes major feature updates for Histories, Equipment, Schedules, and the Reflow Config user interface. Additional features, performance improvements, and bug fixes are included for nearly every Reflow system​

Reflow Hot Fix - 6/26/2023

  • Fixes an issue that could cause point cards to not render on device graphic pages when a Niagara point is deleted but still linked to the device in Reflow

Device Pages

  • Notes System
    • A new device notes system has been added and can be turned on in the Reflow Config by going to Equipment > Graphics Settings > Device Graphic Pages > Enable Notes
    • End-users can add, edit, and remove Notes from the Reflow View
    • Notes are saved in separate files, one for each device, in the new notes folder under the reflow folder of the station file system.
    • Notes are sorted by date last modified and can be pinned to the top or marked as a 'warning' which will highlight the note and display a warning icon in the device's title area

  • Point Cards
    • Initial loading speed has been drastically improved by delaying the initial load of actions and smart histories until the card is clicked or tapped
    • A loading indicator will appear on the cards as they load initial data and while loading action and history data on demand
    • Smart Histories support has been added to cards linked with virtual points

Equipment Types

  • Display name matching - A point's Niagara Display Name can now be used when matching point identifiers. This can be accessed at Equipment Type > Points Template > Point Matching Property. This property now has options to match by Name only, Display Name only, or both. Points that do not have Display Names set will fall back to using the Name property
  • Equipment Types and Equipment Group Types can be hidden from Equipment index pages by enabling the new 'Hide on Index Pages' option in the Equipment Type > Equipment Type Settings config menu
  • Boolean, Numeric, String, and Enum constant components from kitControl will now be autodetected as points when mapping devices to Points Templates
  • Equipment Type Summaries
    • Device rows in the Table View now indicate status by pulsing their border color consistent with the behavior of device cards in the Grid View
    • Column labels in the Table View have been updated to better support names derived from Niagara expressions in Points templates


  • Histories
    • An option has been added to show charts and tables in a 'zoneless' time mode so that data for a specific hour of the day can be compared between stations, independent of their local time zones. This option can be found in Settings > Additional Options > Station Time Zone
  • Dashboards: Gauge Card
    • A new option called 'Limit Coloring' allows specific colors to be set when the gauge goes above or below its respective limits
  • Dashboards: History Chart & History Sparkline Cards
    • The Primary Y-axis scale can now be specified
  • Buildings: Added an option to disable building floor and device counts on Buildings Index Page cards. These settings also affect the cards on the Landing Page's Buildings Widget
  • Buildings Index Page: Optimized the loading of Building Information. This will increase performance when loading both the map and grid

Bug Fixes

  • Histories
    • Hiding and showing text on enum and Boolean histories is much more performant an no longer causes display issues
    • History CSV exports will now combine values that have the same second (ignoring the millisecond). This will allow for better comparisons of data as they will no longer be separate lines
  • Equipment
    • Fixed an issue where status points on Equipment Type Summary tables could emit a browser console error
    • Niagara Expression Point Identifiers properly pull all point names when searching for a pattern match
    • Fixed an issue where restricting access to equipment groups would not remove them from the Equipment Index Page
    • Added a vertical scroll and maximum hieght to the 'Served By' dropdown menu in device page titles to prevent content from going off screen
    • Selecting an external point that shares a name with one or more points in the device will no longer marker the device point as external in future edits
    • Groups on the Equipment Index Page will no longer overlap when rearranging equipment
  • Histories
    • Charts with really small ranges (less than 1) will no longer cut off the top of the chart
    • Histories now properly handle NaN values
    • Hovering and unhovering Enum, Boolean, and String chart titles on chart legends will now properly display the other data
    • The data table error message no longer displays when data is not available for a history
    • Fixed an issue on charts where enum and new boolean style text would disappear when zoomed in/out too fast
  • Dashboards
    • Fixed an issue where History dashboard cards with periodic refresh enabled would not refresh data as expected
    • History Chart cards will now have the proper color for y-axes on dark-mode pages
    • Hyperlink cards will now display an Icon properly on top of a custom background
    • Fixed issues with Booleans and enums showing over chart axis tick labels when the labels spanned multiple lines
  • Alarms
    • Fixed an issue with the interaction of the 'Restrict New Alarm Classes' property and priority filtering that would cause the Active Alarms list to be incorrect
  • Misc
    • Color pickers no longer disable when all recent colors are locked
    • Reflow ORD Scheme: Fixed an issue with custom history charts

Reflow 1.7.1 - 04/06/2023

This release includes major updates to History charts, the Alarms system, Building maps, and more. It also includes bug fixes and minor updates to other systems.


  • Alarm Sounds
    • Alarm consoles can now have sounds configured per class under the Alarms > Alarm Console > Alarm Sounds menu
    • Each of the 11 sounds has been created or curated by our team to be pleasant yet attention grabbing in any environment
    • Sounds will be played when the console refreshes and a new alarm record is transitioning into a fault, offnormal, or alert state

  • Dynamic Row Styles
    • Find these options in Alarms > Alarm Console > Table Styles & Columns
    • Alarm table rows can be styled based on source state (alert, fault, offnormal, normal) or acknowledgement status
    • A color can be selected for each state/status and separate options for the row border, background, cell text, and action button can be toggled to use this color
    • The icons that appear in the Ack State column for acked/unacked records can now be customized

  • Consoles can now be set to display the active alarms page by default
  • The Alarms configuration menus have been reorganized to accommodate the new features and options


  • Charts
    • Multiple Y Axis Support
      • Charts now display Y-axes on both the left and the right side of charts when values with differing unit facets are displayed
      • The primary Y-axis (left) is chosen based on which history was added to the chart first, the second history added with a differing unit facet will set the secondary axis and all other histories with differing facets will add additional options to the secondary Y-axis
      • Y-axes can be swapped by clicking on the axis label
      • Hovering over a Y-axis label will isolate the histories associated with it in the chart
    • Hovering over a legend item will isolate the corresponding history in the chart

  • History Index Page Group Filtering
    • The filter menu now deselects child groups when a parent group is deselected
    • While this new behavior feels better and makes more sense to end-users in the Reflow view, it will make it impossible to select parent groups without also selecting their children when using multiple tags in Niagara History Groupings. To account for this, a new Strict Group Picker option has been added to the Histories Index Page config. When enabled, this will return the group filter its pre-1.7.1 behavior.
  • Display names will now be shown instead of history names for remote histories that have a display name set


  • Building Index Page
    • The building map configuration options have been reorganized in the configuration menu
    • Automatic counts for floors and devices on building cards and map popovers can be overridden in the new 'Device and Floor Counts' options
  • Maps
    • Map Marker Styles are now available in the Building Index Page configuration
      • Marker styles allow you to set custom icons and colors for map markers; styles can be applied to buildings and groups
      • Building groups have a new 'Child Marker' style setting that allows you to set the default style of all markers for the group's children
      • The default options for map marker colors have been moved to the 'Default Marker Style' in the new Map Marker Styles menu in the Building Index Page
    • Groups can now have map markers
      • Markers will zoom to the group and display a popover card when clicked; both options can be toggled off in the group's configuration
      • A group's children can be hidden on the map when the group's marker is visible; this can be restricted to specific zoom levels allowing you to take a cluster of buildings and display a single marker for only the group until the user zooms to the specified level
  • A Map Marker menu option has been added to each Building's configuration; this can be used to set marker style and precise location information for buildings in one spot


  • Devices can now be served by multiple devices. Up to two parent items will be shown in the device's title - when more than two served by parents are selected, a dropdown menu will appear instead

  • The Status Point property can now be set when remapping devices; a remap warning prompt will now appear when changing the Status Point of an Equipment Type on the Point Template


  • Building Map Card
    • The buildings that appear on this card can be filtered in the card configuration
  • Toggle Card
    • A new "None" option has been added for true and false actions. When this is selected the card will no longer be clickable by the user on the dashboard and will no longer display a pointer cursor
    • A new "Require confirmation" option has been added to display a customizable confirmation modal before an action is ran when the card is clicked
  • History Sparkline & Chart Cards
    • The styles for charts have been updated for these cards when they are used in a custom page with dark mode on
  • Table Card
    • Untitled/blank columns are now supported


  • Pages that use a building's sub navigation now use that building's hero content by default. This includes the hero image background and tint settings. This behavior can be disabled with the "Use Building Hero" switch in the Page Layout options of custom pages

Floor Plan Builder

  • A new macro 'Insert labels for missing equipment' has been added. Running this macro will insert labels for any devices associated with the floor that do not already have a label on the floor plan


  • Reflow will now monitor activity to stop the Niagara auto logout prompt from appearing when working in the Config View
  • Location pickers now display other building and group markers on the map as gray pins
  • Hyperlink pickers now support linking to the 'Active Alarms' page on a Building Alarm Consoles

Bug Fixes

  • Equipment
    • Room names now appear correctly on building equipment and floor plans when using a room slot that is in a containing folder on a device
    • Custom room names for devices on the equipment index page now properly override the room name slot if it exists in the device
    • Room names properly appear on device rows in equipment type summaries when viewed in table mode
    • Fixed an issue where deleting an equipment group type could leave the devices in the configuration, counting against license limitations
    • Point dropdown lists that appear when mapping Niagara points to Reflow device points are searchable again
    • Title content on device graphic pages now properly wraps above an embedded Niagara view instead of being cut off
  • Dashboard
    • Alarm Display Cards no longer retain references to deleted Alarm Consoles
    • Gauge cards no longer display zero values incorrectly when the lower limit is not zero
    • Niagara Point cards with a height of 'half' no longer stretch inverted titles to the full width of the card
  • Histories
    • Enum and Boolean style text will now center based on the visible width of the bar instead of the total width. This makes it easier to see the data when zooming into enums/Boolean charts
    • History dashboard cards and featured histories now properly carry custom colors over to chart pages
    • History names now display properly when choosing custom colors on history dashboard cards and featured histories
    • Boolean and Enum charts no longer appear to show data for future times in the range
    • History charts linked to from the Hyperlink Picker will now properly load
    • Fixed an issue where duplicate custom colors would cause charts to revert to default colors
    • Custom colors on History Chart Cards with comparison data now display correctly
    • Contextual Ranges - this data will now always appear as shaded diagonal lines when filled
  • Buildings
    • Updated configuration menu badge text for Buildings > Building > Histories to include the count of histories when filter by source is selected
    • The building status indicator now properly appears in building sub navigations on desktop/tablet
    • Groups no longer display as disabled buildings in the Building Markers list of the Building Index Page configuration
  • Schedules
    • The Schedules Index Page in the Reflow View will no longer appear blank if the Reflow Config View has never been opened
  • Alarms
    • The Source column on the Alarm Sources table will properly hide when toggled off
    • User interface elements in the sources table now respond properly when the most recent record for a source has been acknowledged
  • Floor Plan Editor
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing size and position properties from appearing when multiple elements were selected
  • Misc
    • Custom pages with links to other custom pages that have been deleted no longer appear blank due to permissions checks
    • Fixed a bug in custom global navigation options for user profiles where a "Delete Subnavigation" button was improperly appearing

Reflow 1.7.0 - 02/20/2023

This release includes major feature updates for Histories, Equipment, Schedules, and the Reflow Config user interface. Additional features, performance improvements, and bug fixes are included for nearly every Reflow system​


  • Enum and String Charts
    • These series types are no longer limited to tables and can now be plotted independently or alongside numeric and Boolean series types
    • When plotted with numerics, enum and string data will display at the bottom of the chart below the x-axis. When comparing with previous time ranges, the data from the previous range will appear at the top of the chart along the top x-axis

  • Boolean Charts
    • Boolean series now display in a manner consistent with the new enum and string designs, along the bottom of charts
    • The previous behavior of shading the entire chart to indicate true values can be re-enabled by going to the Histories > Chart Defaults configuration and turning on the 'Classic Boolean Style' option
  • Out of Range data
    • When data for a selected time range is not available in the series but past data for the history exists (indicating a change hasn't occurred in the selected time range), Reflow will chart the past value for the series
    • This interpolation on the chart is indicated by lighter, striped bars for Booleans, enums, and strings, and dotted lines with striped fills for numerics. Hovering over the series in the chart will indicate the time of the last write on the data tooltip
    • This feature can be toggled on/off under Histories > Chart Defaults > Contextual Ranges configuration
  • History Sources
    • When browsing histories in the Reflow View, cards and rows on the History Index Page now display the history's data source - the Niagara device/station that hosts the history.
    • The source display can be turned off with the 'Show Source Names' option in the Histories > Histories Index Page configuration
    • A 'History Sources' dropdown has been added to the filter pane when browsing histories on the history index page and selecting histories when creating charts

  • History Index Page
    • Sparkline previews now use the time range specified in the Histories > Chart Defaults configuration
  • Performance Optimizations
    • History Groupings support has been heavily optimized to reduce history list load times when history groupings are present in the station
    • Local Cache: History names, groups, and sources are now cached in browser so that future page loads are extremely fast. If histories, history groupings, or sources are modified on the station after a user has loaded the histories page in a session, they must refresh their web browser to see them. The Local Cache can be turned off in the Histories > Global Settings configuration
    • Station Cache: History names and groups can also be cached on the station. This will dramatically improve first load times on stations with 10,000 or more histories
      • The cache will be served to users for the time specified in the duration property, after which a new cache will be regenerated the next time a user requests history data
      • If the Station Cache is enabled, histories and groups added after it has been generated will not appear until the cache is regenerated either automatically after its duration or manually in the Station Cache configuration
  • Histories Config
    • Due to the increasing amount of History options, the Featured Histories, History Index Page, Chart Defaults, and Global Settings properties have been moved to their own configuration menus in the Histories configuration
    • History Picker
      • A new option has been added to filter by source (Niagara device/station that hosts the history)
      • The selected items can now be cleared using the 'Clear' button in the bottom left corner
      • The number of selected items and the 'Selected only' check box has been moved to the bottom left corner of the modal window


  • Summary Export - an 'Export CSV' button has been added to equipment type summary pages
  • Custom durations are now supported in point actions that include a duration option
  • Equipment Config
    • Points Template Virtuals Support - equipment type point templates now support auto-detection of Niagara virtual points
    • A new option called 'Ignore Device Type Restrictions' has been added under Equipment > Graphics Settings > Additional Options to unrestrict the types of components that can be selected as Reflow devices. When this option is active, any Niagara Nav Node can be selected as a Reflow device. Use caution, selecting incompatible components for devices may cause device pages and other content to have issues loading and/or behave unexpectedly


  • Schedules can be reordered in the configuration list; this order will be used in the Reflow View on Schedules pages
  • Schedule Groups
    • Schedules can now be organized into groups
    • Top-level groups appear on the schedules index page and link to a separate page displaying child groups and schedules under it
    • Groups configuration and schedule order is global; it applies to all schedule index pages including building schedule pages


  • Toggle Card - This new card toggles any Boolean point when clicked. The value display and color, icon and icon color, and the action that runs on click can be customized for true and false states independently

  • Niagara Point Card - Custom durations are now supported on Niagara actions which include a duration option
  • Weather Cards - Current Conditions, Forecast, and Map cards now support hyperlinks

Niagara Component Selection Improvements

  • Clicking the search icon next to Niagara component dropdowns in the Reflow Config will launch a newly designed modal

  • Address Bar
    • A new bar appears at to top of the modal, it supports copying and pasting ORDs including those to folders, devices, or other containers/components
    • When an ORD is entered that is not a valid selection, the tree will navigate to the ORD provided so that a valid component can be selected
  • Favorites
    • ORDs and searches can be added to Favorites using the star icon in the Address Bar
    • Favorites data is stored for each Niagara user on the station file system in the file:^reflow/favorites folder
  • History
    • A history of each search and selected ORD is available for quick access by using the View History link from the Address Bar
    • History data is stored locally in the web browser and never sent to the station
  • Keyword Search
    • When a non-ORD is entered in the Address Bar, Reflow will search your station for Niagara components whose names match the search query
    • Searches can be further refined using keyword:value syntax. Supported keyword options include is, not, slotpath, type, parent, and display. Additional options and examples can be found in the Reflow Documentation
    • While typing in the Address Bar, the picker will automatically show matching Favorites and History entries in the drop down


  • Histories can be assigned to buildings based on their source using the new 'Selected Sources' option in the Filter Method property. Multiple sources (stations/devices) can be chosen
  • Schedule Groups can be assigned to Buildings by selecting the 'Schedule Group' option in the 'Schedules Source' property
  • The Floor Plans and Equipment widgets on Building landing pages can now have custom titles; these options are under the Building > Page Layout configuration
  • The tint effect used on floor plan photos can now be disabled in the Global Floor Settings; when this option is disabled a custom text color can be used
  • The drag to reorder experience for buildings and groups in the Buildings list has been improved

Floor Plan Editor

  • When selecting multiple Label elements whose binding types share the same Reflow device equipment type, you can now select a point and apply it to all selected labels
  • Custom durations are now supported in the "Run Point Action" action for Niagara actions which include a duration option
  • Added the 'Hide Navigation Arrows' property to the Global Floor Settings. When enabled, the next and previous arrows will be hidden on floor plans in the Reflow View


  • The drag to reorder experience for pages and groups in the Pages list has been improved

Bug Fixes

  • Navigation
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent the addition of new items in Dropdown navigation items in sub navigations
    • Fixed an issue with custom Sub Navigation rendering in the mobile menu
    • Hyperlinking from Label navigation items set to type 'Niagara Point' in Sub Navigations now works as intended
    • Pages with custom Sub Navigations now override the Building Sub Navigation when linked to from floor plans
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing schedules from loading in some hyperlinks
    • ORD and Web navigation items now properly display in Dropdown navigation items
    • Special characters can now be used in custom chart names in the Hyperlink Picker
  • Equipment
    • Fixed an issue where choosing an external point could cause the points list to become unresponsive when the same ORD was selected for multiple points
    • Subscribed points that no longer exist on the station (i.e. removed after being added to Reflow) will now fail more gracefully
    • Equipment groups now properly show all equipment when type ordering has been set
    • Clicking 'Select All' while filtering devices in equipment type lists will now select all of the filtered devices instead of the entire list
    • Device count cards and summary grid/table titles now properly respect the Equipment Type's 'Pluralize Name' setting
  • Histories
    • Histories that are unreachable or have no data now display a message stating such instead of an empty table
    • Histories search queries now match against both the raw history name and the formatted name displayed in Reflow when the "Format History Names" option is enabled
    • Histories from multiple sources with the same name are now visible as separate series on charts
    • Custom colors set on dashboard cards now apply to the proper series when viewing the full chart
  • Floor Plans
    • Floor Plan Mobile Zones now display the correct colors when RGBA values are used instead of hexadecimal
    • The "Run Point Action" option on floor plan elements in the mobile view now invoke their corresponding N4 point action
    • Fixed issue where tapping on zones when the 'Highlight Zone on Hover' option was enabled could cause Safari on iOS devices to crash
    • Point Action menus no longer hide when selecting a duration outside of the bounds of the original menu from the dropdown. This behavior was only observed in the redirect/servlet view
  • Schedules
    • Fixed an issue where links to a specific Schedules would redirect to the main Schedules page
    • Trigger schedules now properly display on the Schedules page
  • Misc
    • Dashboards - Device Summary cards will now properly show selected/custom summary views
    • User Profiles - Fixed an issue where restrict new content wasn't allowing you to route to equipment
    • Building Groups that are children of other Building Groups can no longer be deleted if they are not empty
    • Alarms paging now properly works with non-English locales
    • Fixed an issue where Boolean values in Histories would sometimes not be recognized as such in non-English locales
    • Building Maps - Map markers now properly show the Alarm status color on marker pins

Past releases

Information on new features and bug fixes in past releases of Reflow can be found on the documentation website in the Change Log.

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