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May 3, 2021


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What's New

Reflow Version 1.4.0

This release contains new equipment features, a new URL dashboard card, huge optimizations to the alarms system, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes


  • Served & Served By options have been added to devices
    • Devices that are served by another device will link to the serving device on their graphics. For example, a VAV served by an AHU will show a label under the device name and link to the AHU
    • Devices that serve other devices will list those devices at the bottom of their graphics. For example, an AHU that serves many VAVs will display cards for each VAV served below its point cards

  • The information in device graphics under the device's name, including Building, Floor, and room name is now displayed in easier to read text that takes up less space and allows for additional information such as the new Served & Served By data
  • Input Level (the '@ Fallback', '@ 16', etc) on status badges of point cards in equipment graphics can now be hidden in the main Graphics Settings menu of the Equipment configuration


  • NEW URL Card - Use this card to embed station servlets, HTML content, and files. It can be used to embed other web sites but special configuration options and security implications may apply. See the card documentation for more details

  • Table Card - the order of operations for elements displaying point status has changed. The color/icon for a point status element will be chosen in the following order: Down, Fault, Stale, Disabled, Alarm, Overridden, UnackedAlarm, Ok
  • Alarm Display Card
    • The title of new cards will be 'Active Alarms' instead of being blank
    • You can now filter alarm counts by building in the Alarm Display dashboard card
  • Gauge Card - now has access to the same 'Center Text' options as the Circle card


  • NEW A new page type is available for custom pages called 'Web Page'. This page can embed station servlets, HTML content, and files. It can be used to embed other web sites but special configuration options and security implications may apply. See the page documentation for more details


  • The backend architecture has been rebuilt from the ground up to be highly optimized for large alarm databases and stations with 500+ alarm classes. The new architecture is highly efficient, providing as much as a 10x improvement in load times on both small and large stations


  • Our online documentation has been completely overhauled. It is now up to date on all of the latest feature updates and includes a new organizational structure, newer and more video examples, and in-depth descriptions for every property and configuration option.

License System

  • The Reflow license system has been updated to work with the base Niagara license system. If you have acquired your license from the NiagaraMods website, this change will not affect your license process.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where dot elements in Table dashboard cards appeared as flat dashes instead of circles
  • Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect dates and times in chart data tips and on CSV exports
  • Long alarm class names in priority selection will have underscores replaced with spaces and no longer push the select box off screen
  • The Show Group Name option is now properly disabled in the "Ungrouped" points container on device and equipment type point lists
  • Equipment lists when grouped by Floor will now follow the order set in the Building's Floors list
  • Page type selection options no longer briefly appear in the config menu while a page is being deleted

Past releases

Information on new features and bug fixes in past releases of Reflow can be found on the documentation website in the Change Log.

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