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September 20, 2020


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What's New

Reflow Version 1.1.1

This release includes bug fixes and features based on user feedback

  • Floors
    • Fixed a bug in "Jump to Floor" dropdown that prevented the view from navigating to the selected floor
    • Label Element
      • NEW Added two new properties for element opacity. You can now control the transparency of the label when it is on the page and an additional value for when it's hovered. They are found in the new Style tab
      • Moved Accent Color option to the Style tab from the Properties tab
  • Equipment
    • Changed the Floor link in the description to navigate to the floor plan instead of a page listing all equipment for that floor
    • The point mapping system has had minor architecture updates to fix obscure bugs that would rarely cause points to map the incorrect device in some station configurations
  • Pages
    • Fixed a bug where dashboard cards on a duplicated could remain linked to the original until a browser refresh
  • Config
    • Fixed a bug in image selection components that, in some cases, caused images with special characters or spaces in their file path or name to not be displayed in the content

Reflow Version 1.1.0

This release includes new features for User Profiles including restricting access to Reflow pages, a Getting Started Wizard to help you get new sites up and running even faster, license support for additional embedded hardware manufacturers, and a few bug fixes

  • NEW – Getting Started Wizard
    • This wizard allows you to quickly select logo and hero images, pick your colors, setup the weather, configure your first building, and more.
    • The wizard will appear when you first visit the Config View after installing Reflow. If your site is already configured or if you want to run the wizard again, you can go to the new Settings > Configuration Options menu and click the "Open Getting Started Wizard" button.
  • NEW – User Profiles & Start Pages
    • The Start Pages option in Settings has been renamed to User Profiles
    • You can now revoke page access for a given Niagara user by creating a profile for them and unchecking the page in the access box
    • Users have access to all Reflow pages by default, if a new page, device, etc is added after you've created a user profile, that profile will have access to it unless the profile is modified to exclude access
    • You can set a user's custom Start Page and the logo/Home behavior when editing the User Profile
    • For more information see the User Profiles section of the Reflow documentation
    • The Getting Started Wizard can be opened at any time by going to Settings > Configuration Options
  • Equipment
    • Fixed a bug on point actions where setting a numeric value would sometimes fail when typing a value in the box instead of using the up/down arrows
    • Fixed a bug where devices with custom featured points were displaying their equipment type's featured point instead
    • Always Display Point Status is now off by default. This can be changed in the Equipment > Graphics Settings menu. With this setting off, points will only display status and input flag when clicked on in equipment graphics
  • Dashboard
    • Equipment List - fixed a bug where devices with custom featured points were displaying their equipment type's featured point instead
  • Alarms
    • NEW – Added options to hide priorities or the total card on the Active Alarms Summary widget at the top of the Alarms landing page
  • Licensing
    • NEW – Added support for Lynxspring LYX Host IDs to JACE and JACE Pro licenses
    • NEW – Added support for Honeywell CIPer WEBX Host IDs to JACE and JACE Pro licenses
  • Config
    • Added Landing Page option in for Reflow Links in the Link Picker component
    • Added License and License File expiration information in Settings > License configuration pane
    • Added a button to allow users to reset to the default configuration in the Settings > Configuration options menu. It continues to exist in the Settings > Configuration Backup menu and will be in both places moving forward

Past releases

Information on new features and bug fixes in past releases of Reflow can be found on the documentation website in the Change Log.

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