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February 23, 2021


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What's New

Reflow Version 1.3.0

This release includes major updates and new features for user profiles, buildings, and navigation systems as well as improvements to Alarms and Floor Plans


Buildings have been updated with features that open up new ways for you to organize, navigate, and present content to end users.

  • NEW Sub Navigation
    • Each building now has a fully customizable sub navigation menu available with a built-in building switcher dropdown menu. You can customize the colors and menu items available for each building independently in the new Sub Navigation option in the building config menu
    • The building sub navigation items will appear in the overflow/mobile menu under the main navigation menu icon when it is available
    • IMPORTANT For buildings created in Reflow 1.2.1 or earlier, the sub navigation will be disabled. It can be enabled by going to the Building configuration under the Sub Navigation menu item. Any new buildings created in this version will have sub navigation enabled with recommended navigation items added by default.
  • NEW Schedules Page – each building has its own schedule page; assign and filter schedules for a building in the Building configuration settings
  • NEW Alarms Console – each building has its own alarms console, assign Alarm Classes to a Building and customize the active alarm panel in the Building configuration settings
  • NEW Histories – each building has its own histories page, assign histories to buildings by selecting individual histories or in bulk by using standard Niagara history groups


The Navigation system now supports custom labels, dividers, and dropdown menus that work seamlessly between mobile and desktop.

  • NEW Navigation item types include:
    • Building Dropdown - dropdown building selector, selecting a building brings the user to the building landing page. This dropdown will automatically update as you add new buildings to Reflow.
    • Dropdown - allows you to build a custom dropdown menu with additional Links
    • Home Link - replaces the 'Show Home Button' option and allows you to customize the label text for the menu item
      • If your configuration had the 'Show Home Button' option active, a Home Link has been added to your navigation in the config migration
    • Logout Link - replaces the 'Show Logout Button' option and allows you to customize the label text for the menu item
      • If your configuration had the 'Show Logout Button' option active, a Logout Link has been added to your navigation in the config migration
    • Divider - divides menu items
    • Label - display custom text, the current user, date and time, or active building. Labels will not be visible in mobile menu
  • NEW You can now specify if an item is shown on the desktop/tablet menu, the overflow/mobile menu, or in both in the navigation item's configuration
  • Icons have been added to navigation lists that indicate whether and item will be displayed in the desktop/tablet menu, the overflow/mobile menu, or in both
  • Any preexisting navigation items are now Link types which have the same behavior as in previous versions
  • The Date and Time widget has been removed and replaced with the Label navigation item for date and time

User Profiles

The user profile architecture has been improved to support multiple users in single profiles as well as customizable navigation. A new profile switcher has been added to allow you to preview profiles without logging out and switching users

  • NEW Custom Navigation - you can customize the top-level navigation for a specific profile
  • NEW Assign Profiles to Multiple Users - profiles now exist separately from the user they are assigned to, you can assign a single profile to multiple users using the new "Users" option in the User Profile configuration.
    • Existing profiles have been migrated to the new system with new profile created and assigned to the user
  • NEW User Profile Selector - you can now select which profile is used in the Preview while in the Reflow Config View. This option is located in the top bar above the preview
  • The Save button has been removed from User Profile configuration, updates are saved automatically to be consistent with other areas of Reflow
  • Due to the significant changes in the User Profile architecture, a config file migration will launch when you first open the Config after installing this release to convert any existing profiles to the new architecture

Device Point Remapping

You can now remap the points of many devices at once. This feature allows users to make changes to an equipment type and easily remap the points of existing devices to the new template instead of deleting and reading the devices.

  • To reassign devices, open the device list under Equipment > Devices > "Device Type". Click the Edit button, select which devices you wish to remap, and click the new "Remap Points from Equipment Type" option in the Actions menu.

Floor Plans

Get up close with floor plans on any screen size

  • NEW Zoom and Pan
    • Floor plans support these features in both the editor and in the Reflow view
    • New zoom tools have been added to the top right of the floor plan viewer in the Reflow view
    • Zoom tools have been added in the floor plan editor toolbar
    • Zoom is independent of the Image Scale setting in the Canvas pane which can still be used to dial in your desired aspect ratio of elements to the background image
  • The large floor name title has been removed from the Reflow view in favor of the bread crumb. This is in an effort to provide as much vertical space as possible for floor plan content


  • Dashboard Card
    • NEW The card can now periodically refresh the history data - see Config section below for more details
    • Unit facets are now displayed for last values that are numeric
    • Labels for last value, last time, and time range have been updated to be more readable
  • Charts
    • Unit facets are now displayed in tooltips for numeric values in history records
    • Tooltip timestamps now show more precision including hour, minute, and second in addition to the date
    • CSV exports now properly include time information in addition to the date
    • The file names for exported CSV, PNG, and SVG files are now named the same as the chart title by default
  • Index Cards
    • NEW The building associated with the history record is now displayed in cards (this can be turned off in the History settings)
    • Unit facets are now displayed with last values numeric history records


  • NEW Active Alarm View - A menu has been added next to the time range selector on alarm consoles that allows you to switch between viewing all alarm records or only active alarm records (records not in a 'Normal' state)
    • There is a switch in this menu that allows you to toggle showing only Unacknowledged alarms; you can enable this by default in the Alarms configuration with the 'Default to Unack Only' switch
  • NEW A priority filter has been added to alarm consoles next to the time range selector
  • Clicking on a priority/active alarms count in the Active Alarms shelf will take you to the active alarm view filtered by that priority
  • Records in active alarm will now show a special icon in the priority column. Inactive alarms use the traditional bell icon and have been lightened to color to further differentiate them from an active alarm record
  • NEW A small badge will appear on the action button of alarm records that contain notes. Note counts appear on the Notes button as well as in the Notes tab of alarms cards
  • The Ack State column for alarm records now displays an icon based on its value
  • The Alarm Transition column now displays in the same "From State -> To State" style as alarm details cards

Additional Changes

  • Global Page Titles
    • The page titles for Alarms, Histories, Equipment, Buildings, and Schedules can now be customized in their respective settings. This should especially help with localization to non-English languages. We will be adding additional localization options in future releases.
    • The page titles for a Building's Schedules, Alarms, Histories, Floors, and Equipment pages use the global page title by default and can be further customized under their respective configuration menu. Because Equipment is tied to a Floor on a building, the title for a Building's Equipment pages is located in the Building's Floors configuration menu.
  • Pages
    • A new setting has been added to Page Layout that allows you to specify a building sub navigation that will display in the custom page
  • History Picker
    • You can now filter the list to show only selected (checked) histories
    • Larger selections (over 9 histories) now show a "more" tag instead of listing all selected names out Clicking on the "more" tag will filter the list by showing only selected histories and allowing you to page through the results
  • Config
    • NEW The Responsive Bar has been updated to include the selected device type for the responsive preview as well as a new User Profile selector
    • NEW Dropdown station browsers including the Niagara point and component dropdowns now have a Search icon next them, you can click this icon to get a popup view of with a larger list which will prevent less side to side scrolling when choosing a point/component
    • Dashboards
      • History Card - an option has been added to make the card periodically refresh its data. The interval between refreshes is configurable (in seconds) when this option is turned on
      • Alarm Card - you can now choose a custom hyperlink for the card; it continues to link to the global Alarms Console by default
      • Weather Cards - color options have been added to the current conditions and forecast cards
    • The configuration menu system style has been refactored behind the scenes to deliver a more consistent experience across all components. Colors and styles for many outlier options have been updated and the entire system will perform better on slower browsers and in Workbench
    • Badge styles on menu items have been updated to be more inline with the rest of the configuration color palette
    • Navigation - the Save button has been removed when editing items; updates are saved automatically to be consistent with other areas of Reflow
    • LinkPicker - you can now set a custom title for a chart that you to link to
    • A notification has been added when loading the Reflow Config view in Workbench explaining to the user that a browser-based Reflow configuration experience is superior to using Workbench. This notification can be hidden when accessing the config in the future from Workbench by unchecking the 'Always show' checkbox.
    • A loading indicator has been added to Schedules config menus
    • When adding floors to a building, automatic numbering used in default labels will now use the total of floors for that building instead of the global floors count
    • When adding multiple floors to a building, the starting number will now start at the total number of floors for the building instead of defaulting to 1

Bug Fixes

  • Histories from connected stations now properly pull in to the main history index page
  • Fixed a bug where full width cards would revert back to single width when the content area was wider than 1550px. This bug only occurred in dashboards on the Landing Page and was not present in custom page and building dashboards
  • Fixed a bug where IP addresses and other custom hostnames would display as 'Invalid URL' in LinkPickers
  • Fixed a bug in the Table dashboard card where Alternating Rows would not properly display unless the setting was toggled off then on for new cards
  • Fixed a bug where the Building Photo would remain as the hero image for a building page even if it was turned off when the image tint was also set. Tint and photo can now be set independently of each other on building pages
  • Fixed a spacing issue on the Floor photo grids found in Building pages, this bug only appeared when floors were disabled
  • The LinkPicker 'Ok' button is now disabled when selecting the History Chart link until a History is selected below the list
  • Fixed and issue where Schedules would display when linking from the main navigation or a dashboard card
  • Fixed an issue where last value and time display on History dashboard cards was not properly displaying
  • Fixed a bug when adding equipment; if the back button was used while in the point mapping system, the points for the previous equipment would not be connected to the proper device in Niagara
  • Fixed a bug that was causing point map issues when duplicating default equipment types ord could be used if the point did not exist in the current device
  • Fixed a bug where the Acknowledge button was not properly displaying in the alarm record actions popup
  • Fixed a bug where inverted title styles on Niagara point cards would not have a background color selected by default

Past releases

Information on new features and bug fixes in past releases of Reflow can be found on the documentation website in the Change Log.

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