Technical Specifications

Important things to know

Reflow was built to be easy to use, install and configure. You'll find the same applies when determining system compatability and understanding security.

You find can more in-depth information on installation and configuration including how-to videos and documentation using the link below.

System Requirements

  • Reflow requires Niagara 4.6 or later running on a Web Supervisor or JACE 8000 (or equivilent) hardware
  • Reflow's module size is approximately 6 MB. It is recommended to have 15MB of free space on your station's file system before installation, and keeping at least 5MB of file space free during usage. This free space is used to store configuration data.
  • Reflow does not require additional memory or CPU upgrades and its impact on station memory, heap size, and CPU usage should be negligible. Please note that if your station is already at maximum memory or CPU capacity, adding any module, including Reflow, may be detrimental to your system.

Security Considerations

  • Reflow inherits the Niagara security model. You can control access to Reflow in the same way you can control access to any component in your station.
  • Users/categories who do not have access to specific station components, points, devices, graphics, etc. will still not have access to these items in Reflow.
  • Reflow uses Niagara's built-in Web Service to serve all files and web requests. If HTTPS is enabled on the Web Service, requests will be served over HTTPS. If the WebService is disabled, Reflow will also be disabled.

Weather Data

  • Reflow uses AerisWeather for weather data including current conditions, forecasts, and live precipitation maps.
  • The Reflow module on the station will never directly connect to the weather data provider. This connection is made in the end user's web browser and will have no impact on station performance. An internet connection from your station is not required to use these features, however end users who wish to see this data must have an active internet connection and be authorized to connect via HTTPS to from their local network.
  • The Reflow weather data provider caches weather station data for current conditions and forecasts for up to 15 minutes. Weather map images are cached for up to 30 minutes.

License System

  • Reflow embeds the NiagaraMods License Service into its module file, it is not necessary to install the module separately.
  • NiagaraMods license files expire one year after their issue date independent of product license expiration. This file is located in your station file system root directory and named niagaramods.license
  • When an internet connection is available, the License Service will connect to the host over HTTPS to refresh its license file once every 24 hours. This will automatically push out the license file expiration date.
  • If an internet connection is not available, the system integrator is responsible for keeping license files up to date, at least once per year, to avoid license file expiration.
  • JACE and JACE Pro product licenses never expire and validate only supported Host IDs*. They are valid for all future versions of Reflow.
  • Supervisor product licenses never expire and validate only for non-JACE/JACE Pro Host IDs* including WIN and LNX. They are valid for all future versions of Reflow.
  • Integrator Demo product licenses expire one year from their purchase date and validate for any Host ID with an expiration date not equal to "never" in its Niagara license file. Active licenses are valid for all versions future of Reflow.
  • * Valid JACE and JACE Pro Host IDs include those starting with QNX, LYX, WEBX, and GC5.
    If your embedded device is not included in this list and should be, please contact us.

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