Indoor and Outdoor Unit Graphic


AC Unit

Indoor and Outdoor Unit Graphic - AC Split Unit Images suitable for Niagara Picture Widget.


  1. Login to the Niagara station and navigate to the Station File System using the Files item in the Nav Tree

  2. Create a new folder under Files named Images

  3. Unzip the package, there will be a folder inside named SplitUnit.

Copy and paste the files you wish to use to the Images folder under Files in your Niagara station


  1. Create a new PX file

  2. Right-click on your PX file and choose New>Picture

  3. Double click on the image and set the image path to either the indoorunit.png or outdoorunit.png image.

  4. If using the SVG images (included), ensure the 'scale' property is set to 'Fit Ratio'

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Indoor and Outdoor Unit Graphic

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