Add Multiple BACnet Proxy Points

You can add a BACnet proxy point to multiple devices. Folder structure is key.

  • In the property sheet the Folder Name is where you want to add the point to.

  • The point name is of course your point name. (Duh?!?)

  • If you don't know the point name and point type you probably wouldn't be here, but select if it is Boolean, Numeric, etc..

  • I have not ran into a situation yet that I have had to change the Property ID or the Priority Write yet.

  • Set your Facets

  • In the startOrd, go to the parent folder that all of your devices are under. (This is why I like folder structure)

Once you have it all set up, right click at the top of the property sheet/Actions/Execute.

***There is also code for adding PUP Proxy Points, LON Proxy Points, and Modbus Proxy Points. The set up is pretty much the same.


Unzip the file. Paste the .bog in a folder on your C drive. Navigate to folder from Workbench/My File System/C and paste it in a folder you have created


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