Jamie Pate
Jamie Pate

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Rotate Equipment based on schedule or manual rotate. Remove any failed/shutdown equipment from rotation.

Add a BACnet proxy point to multiple devices

A collection of N4 Modules. Different version for some. Check folder and add to appropriate version.

Performs a linear conversion

Compares 2 analog inputs and produces a binary signal as a result

Shows you the time remaining on On Delay/Off Delay Boolean Delay

Recent Stars

Accumulates the total number of pulses on a digital input. When used in conjunction with a persistant point, the value holds through power cycles

Bql query to show fail times of devices

A step by step PDF for 3D floor plan creation using Sweet Home 3D

Sample alarm based BQL queries

BQL Queries to filter station points by their status

This program and associated wiresheet will allow you to add supply air static pressure set point reset control based on a min and max VAV damper position.